Build Home Additions in Your Property in the Richmond, VA area

Having extra space is always better, especially when you get creative and use that area to expand your family, get more time for yourself, or spend more quality time with your loved ones. There are a million reasons why home additions are an excellent idea, and at TM & KM Construction, we’d be glad to become part of your projects in the Richmond, VA area.

Make Your Property Bigger

Be More Comfortable

We can make room additions to make the area bigger or even to build you a majestic walk-in closet. Space is something everyone wants, and achieving it is simple if you work with contractors who know which walls to move to make the process simple and less costly. Our home additions contractors at TM & KM Construction will expand your property and increase its value.

Spend More Quality Time in Your Home

It’s Perfect for Any Lifestyle

Home additions give you enough room to play, entertain, relax, or enjoy! Your family, or just you, will benefit greatly from this modification because there will be an extra area for activities. Turn your property in the Richmond, VA area, into something you’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

Our Full Range of Services

Make your home look like you've always wanted.


Add extra space to play, relax, or entertain others!


Build a space where you can spend time outside.


Make your home look brighter with little maintenance.


Install doors to enclose living areas and add privacy.


Protect your home from the noise and the elements.


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