Make Your Siding Look Incredible in the Richmond, VA area

We know that siding makes your home in the Richmond, VA area look more beautiful for longer. However, this is not the only advantage that comes with scheduling this service at TM & KM Construction. This component adds extra insulation, making your house more energy-efficient and increases your curb appeal, so the investment ends up paying itself!

Get a New Exterior Siding

Enjoy Quality and Durability

The siding replacement process is the best part for homeowners because we uncover hidden problems that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. There could be leaks, mold, or rot lurking underneath, and this is the perfect time to tackle the issue before it spreads. At TM & KM Construction, we use affordable materials without compromising the quality.

House Siding Adds Curb Appeal

Personalize Your Home

Our contractors have experience installing siding solutions that will help you save money on paint jobs every year. We use durable materials that come in a variety of colors to let you personalize your home in the Richmond, VA area, in any way you want. Make your house stand out and give off a luxury or classic vibe! Get in touch with us now.

Our Full Range of Services

Make your home look like you've always wanted.


Add extra space to play, relax, or entertain others!


Build a space where you can spend time outside.


Make your home look brighter with little maintenance.


Install doors to enclose living areas and add privacy.


Protect your home from the noise and the elements.


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