A Window Replacement Will Make Your Home Stylish

Have you always dreamed of having a beautiful view of your garden? Our home window replacement services can make that happen. There are a lot of styles and colors to choose from, so don’t worry about not finding the perfect one. Find the windows you’ve always wanted today!

Get a Perfect Window Installation

Prevent Unnecessary Damage

Trustworthy window replacement companies like us take the time to measure and install your new windows perfectly.

Improper installation can cause:
  • Decreased energy-efficiency
  • Gaps that allow pollutants to enter your home
  • Water damage around the frame
  • Foggy panes
  • Drafty windows

Working with experienced installers is a way to protect your home from serious damage. At TM & KM Construction, we’ll handle all your projects professionally.

Hire the Experts to Protect Your Home

Keep Your Warranties

Getting a window replacement will add functionality to your home and make it look more stylish. This upgrade will keep you protected from the elements and reduce the outside noise. Our specialists guarantee that a correct installation will make your property in the Richmond, VA area, more energy-efficient.

Our Full Range of Services

Make your home look like you've always wanted.


Add extra space to play, relax, or entertain others!


Build a space where you can spend time outside.


Make your home look brighter with little maintenance.


Install doors to enclose living areas and add privacy.


Protect your home from the noise and the elements.


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